If you are interested in items for sale at a Coastal Auction Group auction there are a few things to know. 

  1. Look for the preview or open house day prior to the day of the sale. You can view all items for sale and ask any questions you need to on the preview day. 
  2. Register on our online bidding site.  There is always a link on our website that takes you to the bidding site.
  3. Bidding is easy. You find the lot that you are interested in bidding on.  The next bid is there for you to click on.  You may also place your "Maximum" or "Max Bid" that you would be willing to bid and let the software bid for you.  Bidding will be done in the preset bid increments up to your maximum bid.
  4. Items will be awarded to the highest bidder after the auction.  You will receive an invoice for all the items you won plus the auction fees..
  5. Bidders will check out with Coastal Auction Group.
  6. Payments are made with cash or credit card.
  7. Once you have paid for the item it is yours.  Please be sure to read the Load Out times and procedures for the auction you are bidding on.

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